Saturday, 25 April 2015


1. No removing of anyone.
This is important as we are a community, and NOT some divided clan that kicks people out.

2. No swear words.
No examples given here.

3. No changing of the group name and/or icon.
We are not S1-09, okay? I mean it may be funny, but after that it just gets annoying.

4. No insults.
That is rude and may hurt the feelings of others.

5. No inappropriate pictures or videos.

6. No spamming, or 'Chain Mail'
EG: Send this to __ people and you will be safe.
EG: Free calls on Whatsapp!

7. No ganging up.

8. No shipping.

9. Be nice.

This will be refreshed every month, on the 12th, incase any rules need to be updated and/or changed, or new rules are put up.

Hanis is to remove and/or add people back, and so please do not take it upon yourselves to do so as she is in charge of the upkeep of order in the class. (Thank you very much for complying)

Thank you!

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