Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Homework for 1 April

Math - review pg25 of notes
            Finish 4.6 if not done

English - do the equality was given in class

Science - find out meaning of the term ""

Chinese - check from reps

ADMT model due next Monday.


  1. Elvis, you have to be specific and provide as much info as possible.
    For Science we need to find the meaning of words for isotonic, turgid, crenated and plasmolysis and the ratio in the block measurement slides needs to be changed if needed.
    For English, we need to read up on Chapter 2 Animal Farm for the kahoot quiz tmw and there will be file check on 7 April.

    1. Hi!

      This is merely a reminder, that we have to complete the Multi-Media presentation, (animation/video, Sketchup) in the ADMT Slides.

  2. And also reading of Animal Farm chap 2, WWII Essay i Book, Math Blog questions and Wood Block diffusion thing