Friday, 13 February 2015

Homework for 9 to 13 February

These homework are the overall amount of work given for the whole week (week 6)
Forgive me if I hadn't been sending the homework for the last three days
Most of these homework given are to be handed up next week

Important Announcements
1) Please read the information on CNY celebrations next week (posted on SST Students blog)
2) Take note that Level Test 1 starts next month. Please revise for it

1) Reading Programme worksheets (6a and 6b)
2) Comment on your partner's personal recount writing

1) Percentages worksheet (last page is compulsory) by 17/02/2015
2) Assignment 4.1
3) Algebra worksheet
4) Do quiz posted on Ace-learning (by 15/02/2015)

Mother Tongue
Refer to your mother tongue reps/classmates

1) Copy the science notes from the google site (Separation Technique)

Integrated Humanities
1) Complete the slides on WWII (By 2nd week after March Holidays)
2) Complete the slides on Reasons for migration into Singapore in the 19th C

1) Do your 3M slides (you should have completed stage 2 by now)

1) Upload your pictures and videos on crouch start 
2) Upload your videos and the picture of the peer assessment checklist on discus throw

Please complete all the homework given
Please inform me if I missed out anything
This is all for the week
Have a great weekend =)

Credits to Adiel and Gordon

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