Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Homework for 25 February

  • Math                                               
  • 1) Finish up Assignment 4.2 and 4.3 (by 4 March)
    2) Do the Topic 4 and 3 for topic revision for level test 1 (by 2 March)
    3) Complete the Progressive Mastery Programme (by 27 February)
  • Chinese - ask your reps for homework
  • IH
  • -read the william vs farceur slides(very important for test)
  • read chapter one of the textbook.
  • Science
  • Finish the Atomic Structure and The periodic Table worksheet.
  • English
  • Do the rephrasing and adding sentences paragraph.
  • ADMT
  • Do the 3m innovation slides
Comment if i missed anything.


  1. and there is another IH homework:
    Complete your slide on the SBQ practice on Why Raffles Chose Singapore

  2. Theres no William VS Farquhar slides, William Farquhar's name is not to be split in half and slot a VS in between. It is Raffles VS Farquhar.