Friday, 6 February 2015

Homework for 2/02/2015 to 6/02/2015 (whole week) 

- Most of them to be handed up next week

Important announcements
1) CCA is most likely starting next week. Please refer to your individual CCA teachers and their notices
2) Please start revising and asking if in doubt as the Level Test 1 will be conducted in about a months time
3) Please revise for Maths Quiz: Unit 2
4) For Yang Ying, On Monday, please remember to collect a copy of the newspapers for your classmates from the General Office before the morning assembly. Kindly collect them when you arrive in school.

1) Finish all Reading Programmes (by 9/02/2015)
2) Do My Papa's Waltz Worksheet -leave out Question 5 (by 9/02/2015)

Mother Tongue
Refer to your mother tongue classmates for this subject homework

1) 2.5 Assignment (by 11/02/2015)
2) 3.1-3.3 Assignment (by 11/02/2015)
3) Lesson 3 Tier B classwork
4) Change the comments made on the lesson review on Number Laws

1) Create a mindmap for kinetic particle theory
2) Separation Techniques Power point (if you have not completed in class)

Integrated Humanities (History)
1) Worksheet Essay ( Homework in Singapore important to British East India Company

Art, Design, Media and Technology
1) The 3D sketching exercise (If not done)
2) Innovation 3M Challenge (Google Slides)

Sports and wellness
1) upload your pictures and the videos of your crouch start onto Google Site

Please inform me if anything needs to be updated.
Have a great weekend and take care =)

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