Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Homework for 16 and 17 January 2015

sorry if I post this too late =(
but anyways these are the announcements and the homework given for this two days
Most of the homework are to be submitted next week

Important Announcements
1) We will be decorating the class tomorrow, so please bring your items for the decorations tomorrow
2) For the Chinese New Year Celebrations tomorrow, please remember that the whole event end at 10 am so estimate the time you will be leaving school (please inform your parents about this if you need to) Refer to the SST students blog for more information

1) For those who haven't yet finished their personal recount writing, please complete it and pass it to Yang Ying tomorrow
2) For those whom have yet to complete reading programme worksheets for week 6, please complete it and pass it to Keane tomorrow
3) Reading Programme worksheets T1W7a and T1W7b (by 23/01)

1) Complete your corrections for the worksheets given just now (refer to google site)

Mother Tongue
Refer to your respective MT reps / classmates

1) Create a mindmap on Purification and Separation techniques. Upload onto Chemistry Google site
2) Complete the worksheet on Purification and Separation Techniques (by 23/01)
3) Complete the notes on Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table (by 23/01)

1) Complete your mindmap on the 7 principles to success of Steve Jobs (by 18/01, 2359h)
2) Do up your learning journal on I&E

1) Do up your slides on the 3M innovation challenge (complete up to stage 2 by this week) its best if you complete your slides earlier

1) Complete your slides on WWII (by 2nd week after March Holidays)

That is all for these two days
Please complete all the homework given
Inform me if I had missed out anything
Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays =D

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