Sunday, 25 January 2015

Homework for 23/01/2015

1) Complete LangLit Reflections given on 23/01 (by 26/01)
2) Record yourself reading the High Dive poem. Post onto edmodo (by 28/01)
3) Finish up all reading programme worksheets (by 26/01) 
4) Complete the survey on Info Hub posted on the LangLit blog

1) Finish up Maths worksheet (lesson 2) by 28/01

1) Complete the rest of the Chemistry notes for elements, compounds and mixtures (by 26/01)
2) Finish up the elements, compounds and mixtures worksheet 1 (by 26/01)

Mother Tongue
Please refer to your own homework given by your respective mother tongue teachers.

1) Finish SCAMPER activity sheet (by 26/01)
2) Complete the task given on 3D drawing ( sent by Mrs Ong to each of your email)

1) Upload a picture of your peer assessment track and field paper and your videos (taken by your friends) and upload onto google drive

1) For those who have yet to pass up your CCA option form, the deadline is on 28/01 on Wednesday

Written by Hanis Safarin 

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