Sunday, 25 January 2015

Homework for 23/01/2015

1) Complete LangLit Reflections given on 23/01 (by 26/01)
2) Record yourself reading the High Dive poem. Post onto edmodo (by 28/01)
3) Finish up all reading programme worksheets (by 26/01) 
4) Complete the survey on Info Hub posted on the LangLit blog

1) Finish up Maths worksheet (lesson 2) by 28/01

1) Complete the rest of the Chemistry notes for elements, compounds and mixtures (by 26/01)
2) Finish up the elements, compounds and mixtures worksheet 1 (by 26/01)

Mother Tongue
Please refer to your own homework given by your respective mother tongue teachers.

1) Finish SCAMPER activity sheet (by 26/01)
2) Complete the task given on 3D drawing ( sent by Mrs Ong to each of your email)

1) Upload a picture of your peer assessment track and field paper and your videos (taken by your friends) and upload onto google drive

1) For those who have yet to pass up your CCA option form, the deadline is on 28/01 on Wednesday

Written by Hanis Safarin 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Homework for 22/1/2015

Due Tomorrow:

English Reflection.
ADMT SCAMPER, read up.

Next week:
Chinese describing WS
Chinese WB page 1-3
Maths WS lesson 2, Unit 2.

Stay back for Info Hub Briefing. 1.15-2.15. Kindly put your bag in the lockers.

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Homework for 20/1/2015


Submit assignments 1.1 and 1.2 on Wednesday

Written quiz on chapter 1 on Wednesday, so study for it :)

 File checking on Thursday. For those who have not filed, the file is Orange


MindMap on Element, Compound, Mixture. Upload on GoogleSites.


Reading Program.

*Important Reminder*

The Viva Voce practice is due on Friday.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Homework for 16/12015

To all S1-03,

Here are the homework:

Given out on 16/1/2015

Edit the "Clues" topic for Lang Lit Reflection
Robert Frost WS
CCA Option form.

To be submitted next week

Previous HW due next week:
Chemistry WS 1
Reading Programme.

Reminder to Keane:Collect the reading programme from the Teacher's Pigeonhole.

Written by,
Nicole Chua

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Homework for 15/1/2015

Dear S1-03 friends, classmates, teachers (and parents if you are reading this),

Here are the homework for today.

Due tomorrow, 16/1/2015, Badge Night.

Unit 1, Lesson 3, Page 3, class practice.
Assignment 1.2, whole worksheet.

Corrections for Clarify.

Design-Your-Own-Cover sketch on your sketchbook, and pass to Mrs Ong tomorrow.

Reflection Keynote has to be updated to the Shared Folder in your drive, by tonight.

Due Next Week:

Integrated humanities
Worksheet-Fill in based on your group's slides
Essay (History)

Chemistry Lesson 2
there are some activities on the GoogleSite, so please check them out.
As for those who have not done the mind map, please put them up, and update your mind map
Complete the other worksheets by Ms Teo

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Homework for 14/1/2015

Dear S1-03,

This is today's homework:


As tomorrow there is a Teacher Student Presentation, each group has to present their group of slides. Please have them done by today.

There is a worksheet labelled Assignment 1.1, please complete it, it is due tomorrow.


Do Worksheet 1, and Activity 1.
Check GoogleSite. There are some activities that Ms Teo has put up.

Please complete these activities.

Integrated Humanities:

Founding of Singapore-Raffles VS Farquhar worksheet.
Also, there is a debate tomorrow at 11.05, and below are the students involved.

Team Raffles:

Team Farquhar:

Students mentioned above, please prepare your script. Each member has a 3 minute talk time.


TrueMe Poem

Use Piktochart and upload in the picture form, to the LangLit blog, by 21 Jan, 2015, 10 pm sharp.


This notice is only for Chinese students.
Infer the meaning of the following using the methods:


Words to infer-亲切,别扭,哄堂大笑,拘束,沉默,善解人意


Complete the Reflection Keynote, as we need them for Friday during the Individual Sharing.

Written by,
Nicole Chua

Badge Night Reflection Journal (14/1/2015)

Dear S1-03,

Please upload your Badge Night Reflection Keynote to the Shared Folder in the Google Drive. It is okay not to have finished by today, just post it so the Teachers, Mrs Sin and Ms Wong can track your progress, but have it done by Thursday latest as there is an individual sharing on Badge Night.

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Nicole Chua

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

ADMT Announcement


There is a new assignment that Mrs Ong posted on Edmodo, and it is regarding S.C.A.M.P.E.R. Please check it out.

Due:18 January 2015

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Homework - 13 January, 2015


Visit the Maths Blog and do the Key Learning Points as comments under Ms Sin's post for today's lesson. Ignore this one if you have done it already.


Maths Worksheet-1.2.5
Complete the task "Classwork"



The Circuit
The Cyclops

Complete the activities inside the reading material and hand up next Monday.


'Matilda' Poetry assignment
Complete the top half of Page 2 of the assignment.


Reflect on what did you notice about Rhythm and Rhyme. Pen your thoughts in the Reflection Keynote.


Chemistry-Classes and Properties of Materials, Activities
Classes and Properties of Materials Worksheet 1

Complete both.

Classes and Properties of Materials, Notes
-read up.

Get ready by Monday.

There are activities on the GoogleSite- under the "Chemistry S1-03" tab. Please check them out. (MindMap and Video Information)

Reminder for Chemistry:The homework that Ms Teo gave out last week (Introduction to science) is due tomorrow.

One Important Piece of Info!!:MindMap needs to be uploaded.

Integrated Humanities:
Debate tomorrow.

Sec 1 History Week 1 - 2 Raffles VS Farquhar Document

Complete Reflection Keynote.

Due:Thursday. (Need them on Badge Night, 16/1/2015)

That is all for 13 January, 2015.

Written by

Nicole Chua